Recent studies have shown us that the traditional approach of doing big requirements up front (BRUF) or big design up front (BDUF) using a waterfall approach such as SSADM not only can result in a significant waste of time and effort but also can cause many software developments projects to be challenged and/or fail entirely.

Qualitech favors the use of newer Agile methodologies for managing the Software Development Lifecycle.

Agile methodologies focus on business value, adaptability, high customer involvement, and the frequent delivery of production-quality software.

A common theme found in Agile methods is the notion of shorter and more frequent cycles for various aspects of software development projects. This includes the following:

  • Shorter releases
  • Shorter iterations
  • Shorter build times
  • More frequent integrations

The other important aspect of the Agile approach is high end-user involvement, At each phase of the project (design, prototyping, construction, testing, implementation), the user is involved continuously, with interations being no longer than 1 week.

Agile lifecycle